Random Common Sentences

1.How long will it take?
2.I will go to New York next week.
3.She is a stranger to me.
4.It's a database for small businesses.
5.Yes, we use to work together at a different company about five years ago.
6.She advised him to talk about his life in America.
7.She obeys him.
8.That's not what I heard.
9.What is your address?
10.She can sing very well.
11.I shouldn't have logged off.
12.She wants him to be her friend.
13.If he had been there, I could have given him your message.
14.I didn't want to alarm you.
15.She is a quiet woman.
16.My family isn't such a big family.
17.Oh yes, it's almost Christmas, isn't it. I'm not sure what I'll be doing then.
18.It's my younger brother's.
19.Everyone always speaks well of Tom.
20.There were two murders this month.
21.We obeyed the rules.
22.Is that ok?
23.I know what to do.
24.My father is a bit old-fashioned.
25.I'll be back in a few minutes.
26.Were you hurt?
27.She sat next to me.
28.I'm studying English, math, and history. My major is English.
29.People have the tendency to speak more loudly when they get excited.
30.What are you going to do tonight?