Random Common Sentences

1.I'd talk to your father.
2.How long do I have to wait?
3.Andy must have practiced very hard.
4.Ken hit on a good idea.
5.What do you mean? I thought you said we were going shopping.
6.Craig, what do you do for work?
7.On Christmas day, Tom's right leg was still in a cast.
8.What are they doing?
9.Why don't we order pizza?
10.He deserves the punishment.
11.Do you want to go to the movies?
12.What do you have?
13.Susan is two years older than I am.
14.Ann likes chocolate very much.
15.I realize I may not be the most desirable man in the world, but I still hope you'll consider going out with me.
16.I want to ask you a big favor.
17.He knows how to play the piano.
18.How do I get to Daniel Street?
19.I raised my hand to ask a question.
20.The storm has died down.
21.He's sleeping like a baby.
22.You are too sensitive to criticism.
23.I'd like to play tennis with you some day.
24.That's his house.
25.OK, let's go.
26.I'm not exactly sure. I think there's a problem with the engine.
27.There is a big park near my school.
28.There's no hurry.
29.Do you think it's possible for me to ever sound like a native speaker?
30.Who else came to the party?