Random Common Sentences

1.Don't open your book.
2.They were scolded by the teacher.
3.He came in just as I was going out.
4.We ate fresh fruit after dinner.
5.Would you like a cup of tea now?
6.In the morning, I like to put honey on my toast.
7.I am going to study.
8.Will you join our club?
9.I think it's time for me to ask for directions.
10.Few people think so.
11.June 3rd.
12.I forget.
13.They fell in love the moment their eyes met.
14.He went to Paris at the end of May.
15.She hardly ate anything.
16.John inherited a large fortune.
17.How does your opinion differ from his?
18.You are wanted on the phone.
19.What time does school begin?
20.She didn't try to translate the letter.
21.She is very intelligent.
22.Would you like ice?
23.She used to play tennis with him.
24.I finally got hold of that book I wanted.
25.She promised to meet him last night.
26.It was so noisy there that I couldn't make myself heard.
27.David, would you like something to eat?
28.I am disappointed that my friend is not here.
29.Hi Josh! It's been a long time. Where are you working now?
30.I have aches and pains all over my body.