Random Common Sentences

1.It depends on the context.
2.I stayed up late last night.
3.The concert was a success.
4.The police arrested the suspect.
5.I just got off the subway. I'm almost there. Sorry I'm late.
6.She sang a Japanese song for us.
7.Streetcars run on electricity.
8.He has a good command of English.
9.I played tennis.
10.Who do you think I am?
11.Were you out last night?
12.You'd better go by bus.
13.You'll find our house at the end of the next street.
14.This apple is bad.
15.She is on friendly terms with him.
16.No, I don't know anyone who has a camera.
17.It's much too cold to swim.
18.I went to bed after eating.
19.There's hardly any hope that he'll win the election.
20.We'll have to camp out if we can't find a place to stay.
21.Everyone was happy.
22.She attacked him with her fists.
23.What kind of music do you usually listen to?
24.He may have missed the train.
25.Many people think that children don't spend enough time playing outside.
26.Thanks so much. You're a good teacher.
27.By the time you come back, I'll be gone.
28.Will you please go there?
29.I sat down next to him.
30.If I had money, I could buy it.