Random Common Sentences

1.What time do you get up every day?
2.I'm busy now.
3.He's studying hard so he can pass the entrance exam.
4.Do you plan to work until 10:00?
5.They're able to speak Spanish.
6.Some dog owners wonder if it's OK to feed their dogs fish.
7.My family is not that large.
8.How many hours a day do you spend in your office?
9.He was very happy.
10.Don't let opportunities pass by.
11.Can I have the bill please?
12.I give you my word.
13.What time is dinner?
14.Can I have something to eat?
15.Could you please tell me again where you put the key?
16.I added a room to my house.
17.She is eight.
18.Did you invite him?
19.She fell from the tree.
20.How do I open the hood?
21.I don't have any money.
22.It's dark outside.
23.I made Ann a doll.
24.Tom is teaching us French.
25.If you go to the movies, take your sister with you.
26.I wonder if they'll get divorced.
27.He is taller than his father.
28.He was robbed when coming home late at night.
29.Yeah. I think so, too.
30.I play the violin.