Random Common Sentences

1.What's your favorite sport?
2.Our dog was run over by a truck.
3.Where's Tony?
4.Class doesn't begin until eight-thirty.
5.Tom and I are good friends.
6.She has three brothers.
7.Tom will paint the fence tomorrow.
8.Trains are running on schedule.
9.He woke up to find himself lying on a bench in the park.
10.Usually the last Saturday of the month at 9:30 in the evening. Is that too late for you?
11.What's the best way to travel?
12.Won't you have some fruit?
13.You have a very nice car.
14.I gave my seat to the old lady.
15.Are you kidding? I usually have really good reception here.
16.This apple is bad.
17.I hope that Mary passes the examination.
18.I shouldn't have to do that again.
19.May I look at your passport?
20.She used to be a very shy girl.
21.He asked for a beer.
22.What happened, Sally?
23.I forget.
24.Love is blind.
25.Won't you come in and have a cup of tea?
26.One ticket to New York please.
27.She raced him down the hill.
28.There are many fish in this lake.
29.Come in, the door's open.
30.I don't know when Tom will leave Japan.


by ScopeMed