Common Sentences starting with --C--

31.Can I ride this horse for a while?
32.Can I see that one?
33.Can I see your passport please?
34.Can I speak to the head nurse?
35.Can I speak to the person in charge?
36.Can I take a message?
37.Can I take the subway to get there?
38.Can I try it on?
39.Can I try on this jacket?
40.Can I turn off the TV?
41.Can I turn on the TV?
42.Can I use a credit card?
43.Can I use your phone?
44.Can I use your phone? I left mine in the car and I want to call them to get directions.
45.Can it be cheaper?
46.Can she endure a long trip?
47.Can we have a menu please.
48.Can we have some more bread please?
49.Can we really learn to speak a foreign language like a native?
50.Can we roller-skate in this park?
51.Can we sit over there?
52.Can we talk in private?
53.Can you answer this riddle?
54.Can you answer this?
55.Can you call back later?
56.Can you call me back later?
57.Can you carry this for me?
58.Can you come?
59.Can you deliver them please.
60.Can you do me a favor?

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