Common Sentences starting with --C--

121.Canada is north of here.
122.Card number please.
123.Careless driving causes accidents.
124.Carelessness often causes accidents.
125.Carol is studying Spanish.
126.Cats usually hate dogs.
127.Celine Dion.
129.Change your clothes.
130.Charge it to my account.
131.Charge this to my account.
132.Charge this to my company.
133.Charles, do you have any children?
134.Check back next week.
135.Check, please.
137.Cherries are red.
138.Chicago is very different from Boston.
139.Children often ask me for money.
140.Children should obey their parents.
141.Choose one person.
142.Choose the one you like.
143.Choose whichever you like.
144.Choose whichever you want.
145.Chris, where are you going?
146.Christmas Day is December 25th.
147.Christmas is coming soon.
148.Christmas is coming.
149.Christmas is December 25th.
150.Christmas is only two weeks off.

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