Common Sentences starting with --C--

181.Come home before six.
182.Come in, the door's open.
183.Come into the room.
184.Come on any day you like.
185.Come on! Give me a chance.
186.Come on! We'll be late.
187.Come over here and join us.
188.Come to my house at eight.
189.Come tomorrow morning.
190.Come upstairs.
191.Come with me.
192.Come with us.
193.Communications broke down.
194.Compare your answer with Tom's.
195.Complaining won't change anything.
196.Connecticut is east of New York.
197.Cookie is under the table.
198.Could I borrow a pencil?
199.Could I change rooms?
200.Could I get one more beer, please?
201.Could I have a glass of white wine?
202.Could I have one more coffee please?
203.Could I have some more coffee?
204.Could I have some more tea?
205.Could I have the bill, please?
206.Could I have the check?
207.Could I have three cinnamon donuts?
208.Could I help you?
209.Could I make a reservation?
210.Could I park my car here?

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