Common Sentences starting with --O--

121.OK. Now what?
122.OK. Talk to you later.
123.OK. Thanks.
124.OK. Wait a minute, I have to get something out of my purse. Will you hold this for me?
125.OK. What are you going to have to eat?
126.Ok. What time?
127.OK. What's the reason you are sending her flowers?
128.OK. When?
129.OK. Where?
130.OK. Would you mind driving a little slower please?
132.Old people deserve respect.
133.Old people need someone to talk to.
134.On Christmas day, Tom's right leg was still in a cast.
135.On the left.
136.On the right.
137.On the second floor.
138.On the second floor.
139.One moment please.
140.One of the girls was left behind.
141.One of us will have to go.
142.One second. I just have to open my web browser and check my hotmail account.
143.One thousand dollars will cover all the expenses for the party.
144.One ticket to New York please.
145.One way or round trip?
147.Open the bottle.
148.Open the window and let some fresh air into the room, please.
149.Open your eyes, please.
150.Open your eyes.

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